Welcome to the living catalogue

The Living Catalogue is an ever-growing collection of the signals we see taking shape in the arts, culture and the creative fields. 

The catalogue is both an engine of ongoing knowledge production at a/nordi/c and an open invitation to practitioners, institutions and everyone in between to become part of our exploratory dialogue about the future we wish to see for arts and culture in our society.

The signals are collected by a group of hand-picked signal scouts: a group of artists, researchers and cultural practitioners who capture and document the signs of change as they arise around them. Signals can be anything from new projects, events, behaviours and trends to articles – anything that points to new ways of thinking and acting in their field.

New landscapes of censorship force a higher level of self-awareness
Growing market logics in cultural policy limits artistic freedoms for the many

Explore the latest insights

Insights are the outcomes of our research process. They are the results of creative dialogue, exploration and analytical scrutiny in a process with researchers, experts and practitioners. All insights are composed directly from the signals collected throughout the research process.

Explore the latest signals

Signals are concrete examples on what is emerging within the field we are exploring. A signal can be based on an observation, an experience, a reflection, a project or event.